At Bembry's Mill we pride ourselves in wholly hand crafted fine woodworks. We carefully mill all the lumber with our homemade chainsaw mill, patiently wait for the lumber to dry, and artfully create each piece maintaining our unique signature chainsaw pattern.


Perfect for any social occasion - three, four, and five glass flight boards and paddles. We make flights for wine carafes and glasses, highball glasses, shot glasses, and stemless glassware.

Whether your preparing dinner for two or hosting a large party, our charcuterie boards are ideal for displaying your spread!

Our larger pieces include benches, high tables, coffee tables, and foot stools. These are a beautiful addition to any home decor.

Breadboards are perfect for any host!

Wall hangers go beyond just the average coat rack. These unique pieces are also great bathroom hooks and leash hangers.

These lazy susans are perfect for any table. We craft them in a variety of sizes.


Bembry's Mill - our homemade chainsaw mill

Email for more information: lee@bembrysmill.net